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FIRST ROUND - Bracket 64 Results

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Round 1
(seed) year school - score

(65) 1982 Georgia - 27
(1984) 1987 Kentucky - 10
The Wildcats couldn't compete with Bulldog Fever. Herschel Walker runs for 142 and QB John Lastinger was shredded the poor Wildcats. The Bulldog D shut down Mark Higgs and limited him to 5 yards. Blowout!

(960) 1984 Notre Dame - 26
(1089) 2002 Tennessee - 23 (OT)
In one of the better first round matchups of the tournament QB Steve Buerlein hit Mark Bavaro for a 30 yard reception to set up he winning FG by John Carney. But for the Irish Allen Pinkett was the story, he scored all 3 touchdowns. This Tennessee team hung with the Irish on the Arm of Casey Clausen to TE Jason Witten but a late fumble by Cedric Houston set up the Irish connection. Also the Voluteers were desperate in this one and put Jason Witten back to receive kicks.

(577) 2002 Virginia Tech - 31
(1472) 2000 Stanford - 17
This was the Suggs and Jones show and there were virtually untouchable rushing for 250 and this was over at the half poor Randy Fasani.

(448) 1993 UCLA - 27
(1601) 1986 Tulsa - 18
This Bruin team rotated personal all game it wore out this poor Tulsa team. JJ Stokes was the story 4 catches for 168 and UCLA was very creative on special teams and Tulsa like many other bad teams in this tourny took the time to promote the school.

(321) 1990 Penn State - 25
(1728) 1999 Air Force - 15
Tony Sacca led the Lions to the easy victory over the Air Force, this one was over at the half with a 22-0 lead at the half and Leroy Thompson and Sam Gash salted away the game in the second half.

(704) 1995 Texas Tech - 39
(1345) 2004 Hawaii - 26
We have a Zebbie Letheridge sighting but this game was controlled by Byron Hanspard and Monte Reagor forced Timmy Chang into several bad decisions, this was one of Hawaii best teams in the tournament. But the Raiders gave the Rainbows a Heartache in this one.

(833) 1995 Iowa - 26
(1216) 2000 Pittsburgh - 21
Can you say Tim Dwight! All purpose yards for Dwight on the day were 300 yards and this was a very good Pitt team with Antonio Bryant and Kevan Barlow on the squad, can you believe Antonio split time with RJ English?

(192) 1978 Clemson - 30
(1857) 2004 North Carolina State - 13
The great Steve Fuller took advantage of the undersized AJ Davis and Devonte Edwards and got Dwight Clark and and Jerry Butler whenever he wanted. Clemson DE Charlie Bauman got a Pick against QB Jay Davis but after the play chaos came from a very pissed off Chuck Amato.

(193) 2004 Boise State - 39
(1856) 1994 Clemson - 14
The Broncos ripped the Tigers and it was all Jared Zabransky and the Bronco D. Zabransky threw for 414 and 4 td's to TJ Acree, two to Dristan Davis and Dereck Schouman. This was a laffer from the start but if Clemson has Raymond Priester in the lineup his luck isn't good in this tournament. The Tailback was shut down by Andy Avalos and Korey Hall. Boise kept all starters in well into the second half we will see if that matters in their next matchup.

(832) 1990 Illinois - 22
(1217) 2008 Connecticut - 20
This was a great game from start to finish but a late 4th quarter stop by Moe Gardner and Derrick Brownlow stopping Donald Brown short of the first down sealed the slight victory for the Illni. This game was all about the RB's as UCONN RB Donald Brown ran for 192 and Illini FB Howard Griffith scored all 3 TD's and rushed for 167 on 8 carries.

(705) 1985 Texas - 20
(1344) 1984 Wisconsin - 18
This one came down to pass by Wisconsin QB Mike Howard to WR Al Toon that was broken up Eric Jefferies to preserve the victory for the horns.

(320) 2005 Oklahoma - 30
(1729) 2004 UCLA - 22
This game was a lot closer then it should have been as Maurice Jones Drew and Mercedes Lewis kept the Bruin in this one but a late pick 6 by Reggie Smith thrown by Drew Olson secured the victory for the Sooners. Adrian Peterson had a big day with 150 but Rhett Bomar mistakes, mainly two interceptions to Jerad Page kept this game close.

(499) 1980 Mississippi State - 35
(1600) 1993 BYU - 25
The Bulldogs took down this Cougar team with no issues, RB Michael Haddix had 120 and QB John Bond played steady enough to beat this very average QB John Walsh team.

(576) 2000 Wisconsin - 24
(1473) 1998 BYU - 21
This bracket wouldn't have been mine without several BYU teams for some reason but at least another BYU squad was knocked out. Michael Bennett used his speed to catch a screen pass late in the 4th quarter to set up a Vitaly Pisetsky FG to win it. Oh and BYU RB Ronnie Jenkins got rocked.

(961) 1990 Southern Miss - 39
(1088) 1998 Kentucky - 32 (2 OT)
Another fantastic game in this bracket with Brett Farve going against Tim Couch. This game was a tennis match but it came down to a Farve 1 yard dive into the endzone and dropped pass by Kentucky WR Craig Yeast to get Farve to second Round.

(64) 1994 Florida State - 44
(1985) 2008 Fresno State - 14
WOW! This will be a team to keep an eye on!!! Danny Kanell, Warrick Dunn and Kez McCorvey all had career days against a very below average Fresno St Defense. QB Tom Brandstater threw 5 picks, 3 to Clifton Abraham, 2 Derrick Brooks. This will be a team to watch out for they are stacked. 62 Y Middle sure didn't work today.

Round 2 Matchups-
(65) 1982 Georgia vs (960) 1984 Notre Dame
(448) 1993 UCLA vs (577) 2002 Virginia Tech
(321) 1990 Penn State vs (704) 1995 Texas Tech
(192) 1978 Clemson vs (833) 1995 Iowa
(193) 2004 Boise State vs (832) 1990 Illinois
(320) 2005 Oklahoma vs (705) 1985 Texas
(449) 1980 Mississippi State vs (576) 2000 Wisconsin
(64) 1994 Florida State vs (961) 1990 Southern Miss

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